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The following is a list of the frequently asked questions about locks, keys and locksmith services. Learn why it is important to lock all entrances including garage doors and how to react when car keys are misplaced. Excellent answers to common questions!

Why must I lock the garage door?

Garage doors are the favorite break-in point of most perpetrators because they're usually not maintained well and, thus, more vulnerable. They also know that many people don't lock the door between the garage and the house according to our locksmith company in Manhattan Beach and they can have easier access. Make sure the door locks are secured.

What do I do if I lose the ignition key?

Avoid breaking into your own car because you might destroy the security system of the vehicle and it will cost you less to seek assistance from our automotive experts at our locksmith in Manhattan Beach. You can also contact your spouse or a friend, who might have access to your spare transponder key.

Does exposing the keys affect my security?

Yes. If you keep your keys exposed to the public, the chance of them getting stolen or lost will increase. A potential burglar or thief can steal your key and make a duplicate one with it. This can be harmful for your safety and it is strongly recommended to avoid the exposing of your keys.

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