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Do Not Put Your Name Tag On your Keys Chain

02/01/2014 Back To Blog

All of us from time to time know to do certain things that not only have no sense but are very absurd and quite often sharing a very thin line with the stupidity. When it comes to locks and keys there are definitely lots of situations that can happen to us and make us feel terribly inadequate. Quite often these situations imply different ways of locking ourselves into various rooms, getting stuck in our own car for hours due to ignition car key jammed in the lock and our car instantly trapping us in leaving us without a possibility to manually set ourselves free; taking our friends to our summer place miles away from home only to realize how we have left our front door keys back home in our apartments in the city…and the stuff like that.

Be careful of your keys

Keys may be small and apparently insignificant but the situations they may put us in are sometimes definitely too much too handle. Remember only those times when you would trust your home key to your friends when you were on a trip to come back home and find your apartment in the state of absolute misrecognition. Or even worse when you would actually find tons of people in your home celebrating your absence; or when you would find just two people celebrating life…one scenario worse from another.

Top one key foolishness

Definitely the most absurd scenario with keys is placing all of your keys to a key pendant or key chain or key etui containing your name and even better your home address. Believe it or not some people actually do these things completely forgetting how in case of the lost keys they are literally inviting criminals over.

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