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Are Biometric Locks for You?

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

Some people draw a line in between security door locks which match best the needs of companies and the ones which are ideal for residences. There is some sense in that since businesses usually have more requirements and must keep some areas restricted from the public or some employees. The progress of the lock industry was partially due to such requirements but this does not diminish the need of homeowners to obtain several options and the most sophisticated deadbolts installed at their residences. Not that anyone would ever forbid you from choosing keypads or biometric locks for your home but they are not exactly popular for homes.

Biometrics is an excellent choice for homes, too

The truth is that biometric locking systems are excellent for companies since they greatly facilitate the entrance of employees to certain rooms or offices. With security cameras as a supplementary security measure, the access of employees can be tracked and their entrance to a room where cash is kept, for example, would be recorded. Since some other employees won't be allowed to such rooms, biometrics offers convenience. Imagine dealing with keys! A Key change would be needed every time an employee would be dismissed or he shouldn't have access to a room anymore. There would be problems with broken and lost keys and a new key replacement would be needed all the time. Let alone the problem of giving the keys to fellow workers.

With biometrics, things are different. What are biometric door locks? They are computerized locks, which keep in memory some personal characteristics which identify an individual (fingertips, palm prints, DNA or iris). Access is granted once the system confirms the data it receives. So, your fingertip will be the data and also your new key. The question is whether such high tech systems are really useful at home! There won't be necessary in terms of controlling the family's access but they certainly add security. They will be necessary even within the house if you want to keep your safe private.

The fact that no one can impersonate you and use your own palm print to gain access to your home is certainly a very good reason for having a biometric security system installed. That does not cancel the importance of deadbolt installation or diminish its importance. Though, we make steps forward and it's a good thing choices are available regarding which systems to get or combine in order to achieve the highest possible security. In this sense, why not consider biometrics for homes, too!

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