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Make the Most of Your Locks

11/13/2015 Back To Blog

We are given choices nowadays and we don't often appreciate it. There is a reason why some things happen. It's not surprising that a century back people knew nothing of security door locks. They knew about latches and once in a while they remembered to lock just to excuse the existence of the latch. A hundred years later we can't keep track of the latest locking systems and don't know which ones to choose for our main doors, windows or cabinets. Such rapid development indicates the need for higher security these days (and crime property numbers come to verify that there is need for good deadbolts). The question is whether we understand what makes our homes secure and which things we must do.

Not all doors need the same lock

Make the Most of Your LocksSome would say that when people are given too many options, they simply get more confused and don't make good use of what they are offered. This is partially true! Do we make the most of our locks? It's natural to get confused when there are so many different options today. Last month you were talking with your spouse about deadbolts and a week later a friend told you how happy he was with his electric door locks. Don't get puzzled and don't feel trapped in your own choices.

We get trapped because we know little about such things or how to choose locks. You will make the best out of new locks only if you look at your own personal needs. These will lead you to understand whether you need deadbolt installation or mortise locks will suffice for the use you want them for. Every door and window has different requirements in terms of locks. Internal doors don't need security locks but simple door knobs. Window and cabinet locks will also be different and among each category (window, door, cabinet) there are also more choices.

In a world where we can find anything we want and enjoy the best of everything (as each of us understands what best is), it's good to make the most of your security. Apart from choosing the right locks, consider the difference you can make if you maintain them too. Don't save when it comes to necessary lock repairs. Isn't it a shame to have so many options among products and services and only use a fraction of them? When such things make a difference to your security, they are worth your time and money.

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